Olaf Hinz

believes that resistance is a powerful signal, change is the rule and sailing on sight is the appropriate response to the approaching VUCA weather. As a non-fiction author and speaker, the self-confessed Hanseatic citizen and former office manager of Peer Steinbrück is a sought-after source of inspiration at conferences and barcamps.

Leadership means steering a ship on the high seas. In fact, clear rules and responsibilities as well as a defined route are given. However, plans and projects get out of hand every now and then. Unforeseen and unplanned events jeopardize deadlines and the cargo. I would even go further: Unplanned issues are the rule!

I therefore support you as pilot in trainings and coaching for management, superiors, project managers or as organizational developer.

Born in 1968, I am living in Schleswig-Holstein together with my wife and three sons. After working as project manager and HR manager for the bank, LB Kiel, I worked as Head of the Minister’s Office under former Minister Peer Steinbrück. Since 2000, I am working as consultant. In 2004, I became self-employed. I also work as lecturer for „change & digital transformation“ at Hochschule Bremen and Technische Hochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt.


„Working with Olaf is inspiring. He is one of the few coaches whom you can develop a program in half a day; that fits to set the change mark for an entire organization. He is extremely quick to get to the major issues in an organization and is able to transform this into a workshop that differentiates the thinking of invited members. Workshop member describe him as a sharp and hitting the nail on the head type of coach. He differentiates himself by thinking in business terms too. Working with Olaf gives you all times to think something after about an experience you might not want to miss.“
 – Barbara Wladarz, General Manager Central Europe, Dematic

„I’ve worked on a few intensive sessions with Olaf Hinz in the past few months and can testify that it was a worthwhile experience on my leadership journey. I came out more confident of my unique strengths and identified how to make the most of them professionally and personally. Thank you, Olaf, for piloting the way in uncharted waters. I felt well accompanied on that journey and can now sail more confidently by myself.“
 – Mathilde Berry, Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (PwC)

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