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Leadership with intuition and good feeling

learn the skills of a captain

  • Apply basic leadership models
  • Keep up the motivation
  • Lead with targets
  • Practice delegation and controlling
  • Hold management and feedback discussions
  • Clarify conflicts
  • Organize teamwork

Basic leadership tools and skills are available

be the captain on deck

  • Sharpen the leadership style
  • Show attitude
  • Clarify roles
  • Steer the team dynamics
  • Apply personality models
  • Manage change processes

Convincing  leadership  personalities with expertise and approach

navigate safely through all storms

  • Implement severe cuts/changes
  • Remain robust at the personal and emotional stress limits
  • Lead “with vision” in situations of great uncertainty
  • Steering separation processes carefully
  • Tailwind for turnarounds

Project managers

Every now and then we make a project

master the tools and steer the project boat successfully

  • Acquire (certified) basic knowledge
  • Apply the fundamentals of project management (certified)
  • Manage to plan and steer projects
  • Implement resources in a goal-oriented manner
  • Manage the project communication and reporting system
  • Be familiar with agile /scrum processes and use them

We work in projects regularly

act in a professional manner even in uncharted water

  • Manage projects (certified)
  • Steer stakeholders
  • Manage changes and quality robustly
  • Deal with risks in a sovereign manner
  • Build and motivate project teams
  • Fulfill the principal role effectively

We have functioning processes, well qualified project leaders and successful reference projects

handle all weather conditions in a sovereign way

  • Manage group and change dynamics
  • Establish multi-project and program management
  • Manage the architecture of communication
  • Professionalize contract management and negotiations
  • Steer the central resource management
  • Build a project company

Organizations and teams


  • Processes / basic conditions have changed. The behavior of managers and employees have to develop accordingly (culture development).
  • Divisions are merged. Common rules are required.
  • Projects determine the daily work more and more. Structures, processes and reporting channels have to adapt to this.
  • Post-merger integration
  • Succession in family businesses
  • Severe cuts/changes – new growth: supporting developments in organizations through a crisis

E.g. Facilitation / moderation of …

… cross-sectional topics (incl. clarifying the interfaces)

… developments in guiding principles / culture

… strategy processes

… change processes

… innovative setups (open space, bar camp, learning journey, staff ride)

TEAM DEVELOPMENT (samples of topics)

  • Building new teams
  • Merging of teams
  • Using the differences of teams productively
  • Clarify conflicts within or between teams
  • Share the leadership and distribute the responsibility on several shoulders: equally ranked management teams


COACHING (examples)

For managers and project leaders

  • The first 100 days
  • Leadership in projects
  • Leading change processes
  • Leadership in dynamic/uncertain settings
  • Micro-politics, power and resistance
  • Attaining role clarity
  • Stakeholder and environmental management

Training and further education for internal and external coaches

  • Team and group coaching
  • Coaching in project systems

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