Workshops, organizational development, team development and coaching are my main fields of work. Please find out more about …

For Executives

1. Leadership with intuition and good feeling

learn the skills of a captain

  • Apply basic leadership models
  • Keep up the motivation
  • Lead with targets
  • Practice delegation and controlling
  • Hold management and feedback discussions
  • Clarify conflicts
  • Organize teamwork

2. Basic leadership tools and skills are available

be the captain on deck

  • Sharpen the leadership style
  • Show attitude
  • Clarify roles
  • Steer the team dynamics
  • Apply personality models
  • Manage change processes

3. Convincing leadership personalities with expertise and approach

navigate safely through all storms

  • Implement severe cuts/changes
  • Remain robust at the personal and emotional stress limits
  • Lead “with vision” in situations of great uncertainty
  • Steering separation processes carefully
  • Tailwind for turnarounds

For project managers

1. Every now and then we make a project

master the tools and steer the project boat successfully

  • Acquire (certified) basic knowledge
  • Apply the fundamentals of project management (certified)
  • Manage to plan and steer projects
  • Implement resources in a goal-oriented manner
  • Manage the project communication and reporting system
  • Be familiar with agile /scrum processes and use them

2. We work in projects regularly

act in a professional manner even in uncharted water

  • Manage projects (certified)
  • Steer stakeholders
  • Manage changes and quality robustly
  • Deal with risks in a sovereign manner
  • Build and motivate project teams
  • Fulfill the principal role effectively

3. We have functioning processes, well qualified project leaders and successful reference projects

handle all weather conditions in a sovereign way

  • Manage group and change dynamics
  • Establish multi-project and program management
  • Manage the architecture of communication
  • Professionalize contract management and negotiations
  • Steer the central resource management
  • Build a project company

Organisations and Teams

Organizational Consulting

(samples of topics)

  • Processes / basic conditions have changed. The behavior of managers and employees have to develop accordingly (culture development).
  • Divisions are merged. Common rules are required.
  • Projects determine the daily work more and more. Structures, processes and reporting channels have to adapt to this.
  • Post-merger integration
  • Succession in family businesses
  • Severe cuts/changes – new growth: supporting developments in organizations through a crisis
businessman holding a pendulum ball
Olaf Hinz kommuniziert

Facilitation / moderation of …

  • cross-sectional topics (incl. clarifying the interfaces)
  • developments in guiding principles / culture
  • strategy processes
  • change processes
  • innovative setups (open space, bar camp, learning journey, staff ride)

Team Development

(samples of topics)

  • Building new teams
  • Merging of teams
  • Using the differences of teams productively
  • Clarify conflicts within or between teams
  • Share the leadership and distribute the responsibility on several shoulders: equally ranked management teams

Coaching (examples)

For managers and project leaders

  • The first 100 days
  • Leadership in projects
  • Leading change processes
  • Leadership in dynamic/uncertain settings
  • Micro-politics, power and resistance
  • Attaining role clarity
  • Stakeholder and environmental management

Training and further education for internal and external coaches

  • Team and group coaching
  • Coaching in project systems


Barbara WladarzGeneral Manager Central Europe, Dematic
Working with Olaf is inspiring. He is one of the few coaches whom you can develop a program in half a day; that fits to set the change mark for an entire organization. He is extremely quick to get to the major issues in an organization and is able to transform this into a workshop that differentiates the thinking of invited members. Workshop member describe him as a sharp and hitting the nail on the head type of coach. He differentiates himself by thinking in business terms too. Working with Olaf gives you all times to think something after about an experience you might not want to miss.
Mathilde BerrySenior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (PwC)
I've worked on a few intensive sessions with Olaf Hinz in the past few months and can testify that it was a worthwhile experience on my leadership journey. I came out more confident of my unique strengths and identified how to make the most of them professionally and personally. Thank you, Olaf, for piloting the way in uncharted waters. I felt well accompanied on that journey and can now sail more confidently by myself.
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